Are We There Yet?


Are We There Yet?

Genre = Road Movie

Ice Cube doesn’t like children

But he falls for a mother of two and offers to give her kids a lift to her new work location

Will he manage to win her heart?

Hey Bloggers! Please tell everyone what you think is the funniest scene in this film

If you can’t remember, ask Nickai – he knows it almost word for word!!


KIRIKOU and the SORCERESS – Thursday, 1st March

Based on an African folk tale

A tiny boy is born in an African village 
People say a wicked sorceress has eaten all the men?
But Kirikou is not an ordinary boy and he goes on a quest to stop her
Film club is open to all children in KS2 and takes place in school every Thursday – 3.30 – 4.30pm
Admission is £1 which includes a snack, film and discussion.
Please speak to Mrs Stone if you would like to know more, otherwise we will see you on Thursday – meeting in Nickleby Classroom!

David Copperfield – Showing Thursday 9th Feb

This week’s showing on February 9
David Copperfield
(black and white – sorry Michael)
They don’t make ’em like this anymore!
Another of Dickens’ children, David Copperfield, is robbed of his inheritance and strives to find people to look after him.
In this film you will also meet
  • Mr Micawber
  • Betsy Trotwood
  • some naughty donkeys
  • and the kite-flying Mr Dick
£1 per week includes snacks and a cinema trip at the end of term.
Open to all KS2 children. Please just come along – speak to Mrs Stone if you have any questions

Oliver! Showing Thursday 26th January 2012

A musical version of the classic novel.
Another Dickens’ child in need, Oliver Twist was born in the workhouse.  Both his parents are dead. Will he ever find someone to love and look after him?
Come along. Watch & Blog.    Open to all key stage 2 children.
Film and snacks plus cinema trip at the end of term.    £1 per week
Well done Grace for blogging at home. We like your comments.
Please sir. I want some more…

Great Expectations! Showing Thursday 19th January 2012



Come along to Film Club – this week we are showing the David Lean version of Great Expectations

A boy meets an escaped convict in a graveyard
Will his life ever be the same again?
This is what Samantha, aged 10 wrote about this film. We are sure you can do better.
Great Expectations
Great Expectations is a amazing film, even though its in black and white. In Great Expectations there is a boy called Pip and he was a orphan who lives with his sister and her husband. They are not very kind, to him. Everyone who see’s Pip wonders what kind of boy he is. However, ever since he grew up his life suddenly changed. When Pip goes to a graveyard to give his dad flowers, he bumps into a man . If you are wondering what kind of a man he is you will just have to watch it.
Samantha, 10

All KS2 children are welcome and there is no need to book – if you are not sure where to go, you can ask in the school office or speak to Mrs Stone.